CEO's Speech

Now more than forty years since the foundation of the construction company Anhar, the reason for its establishment was the construction and construction of nearly one hundred large training units in the city of Golpayegan, Khansar, Khomein and its functions. After many years of endeavor by the second generation of company managers to develop and expand the business environment and transfer the headquarters to Tehran, different conditions have been created which, thanks to the Lord, has continued to this day. During these years and with all its difficulties, we have witnessed flourishing and success in various fields. The human capital of Anhar Company, which for years has recognized itself as one of the Anhar families, offers a beautiful image of the future for the company, in which the sign of the organization's expansion, the quantitative and qualitative upgrading of human resources, increased engineering power, the implementation of large projects National and more success For more than four decades, Anhar Company has been pursuing its activities and it seems that the third generation of anarchists is struggling to export its engineering and technical services abroad. Anhar Co., as a contractor for the construction, oil and gas industry and facilities, has the 3rd ranked 1 in the field of construction, oil and gas and facilities, all of which represent the company's success in carrying out projects in the areas mentioned.
The company, a member of the Association of Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Engineering and Contracting Offices, has begun a major effort to create consortia and active partnerships with its partners, and hopes that through co-operation and wisdom, professional ethics will allow entry into Major projects of the country in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemicals