Vision And Mission

Vision And Mission

ANHAR Company has been organized in such a way to be present, actively and comprehensively, in designing, procuring, executing and managing oil, gas, petrochemical and construction.

In order to have optimal quality on the basis of the personnel’s technical knowledge; propagation and promotion of teamwork; protection of the manpower; preservation of the stockholders’ interests and discharge of social responsibility, ANHAR Company takes benefit of integrated management system founded on quality management system standards, national standards and other requirements of customers and stakeholders, in pursuit of the following objectives:

  1. Conducting management of the business of the company in line with the social responsibility and professional ethics;
  2. Making continuous improvement in the quality level of performance, aimed at development of domestic markets and presence in foreign markets;
  3. Increasing satisfaction of the Company’s stakeholders;
  4. Developing qualifications of the manpower, believing that the manpower is the most valuable capital of the Company;
  5. Complying with standards and legally mandatory requirements in the areas of safety, health and environment;
  6. Promoting the culture of safety, health and environment; and creating an atmosphere suitable for participation of the employees in establishing the culture;
  7. Conducting continuous risk management in the Company.

I, the Managing Director of the Company, having undertaken to continuously optimize the integrated management system and the quality management system, and to meet the requirements thereof, will consider the continuance and sufficiency of the foregoing policy in the course of revision of the management.

I expect my colleagues and all of those who have access to the Company’s workplace environments to exert their mental and practical endeavors towards individual and organizational growth and development.


Sattar Azizian

Managing Director   

ANHAR Company