Department of Commerce

Department of Commerce Business description and logistics
One of the characteristics of any country's economic development is its development plans, which are considered as a quality and a major indicator in the prosperity of that country's economy. Development projects are a factor in the economic and political life of governments due to the volume of funds spent and social reviews. In recent decades, construction activities in Iran have found a special meaning and concept. Accordingly, Anhar Company, as an active group in the field of EPC development projects, intends to play a small role in the development of our beloved country.
Every development plan includes pillars without which the process will be disrupted. One of the most important parts of a project is the business and procurement unit. In general, the business and procurement unit located in the headquarters of Anhar Company, coordinator of vendors and purchases in projects and all business services, procurement such as preparation of minutes and status minutes, control of purchase documents and MTO, DSH, purchase. Related to the project, participating in tenders and getting the price, etc., after the approval of the resident monitoring device in the workshop or the project manager in this unit.
The procurement expert is primarily responsible for purchasing equipment, goods and services for the company. By comparing prices and goods and services, he provides the best quality and most valuable for the company.
Procurement expert is one of the main activities and headquarters of any organization or company in order to achieve the goals of procurement and includes all matters related to goods and services required to perform all processes. The procurement and logistics unit is in contact with all parts of the company and in a way the company builds a relationship with foreign suppliers. The main purpose of procurement management is to provide the position of goods, equipment and services for different departments and meet their needs in order to achieve organizational goals.
The procurement expert is provided by establishing appropriate communication with different parts of their needs for goods, equipment or services. Then select the best in terms of price and quality of products by extensive market research and identification of available suppliers. In some large organizations and companies, a tender or auction opinion is held to select a supplier, and the purchasing and procurement expert is responsible for following up and executing all its affairs.
Food is very complex due to different suppliers, different methods of supplying goods and services and price fluctuations, purchasing services, equipment and tasks, and expert procurement and logistics. To the extent that issues such as purchasing and takat are very relevant and timely to the situation in this area. The related software available in the market can greatly alleviate these complexities and help to position the goods, equipment and services for the purchasing and logistics manager.
The procurement expert must have been strong in thinking and communicating, working well with numbers and having a good economic sham to be very regular and structured.

In this regard, the business and procurement unit located in the workshop, after preparing the relevant minutes and documenting the purchased items in various sections, including the import of materials and goods, implementation and commissioning, the necessary documents to prepare the situation, prepare various reports. And transfer the archives of documents to the company's headquarters and the business work of the company as a buyer for the implementation and engineering unit, contractual affairs of the project in the form of adjustment status, and purchase and goods ... to receive the contract amount and also revenue planning. And the cost is responsible for reviewing minor purchases and preparing relevant reports.
The role of trade and procurement is divided into several main sections:
Knowing the needs of different units and departments - In each company, they usually announce their different needs for goods, equipment or services manually or through software programs to the purchasing and procurement unit.
Inventory monitoring and forecasting - In many cases, the company's need for goods and equipment has a steady and predictable trend. According to the previous records, the purchasing and procurement manager, in cooperation with the warehouse manager, controls the warehouse so that the inventory of the empty warehouse does not reach in any way. Makes purchases if needed.
Research and identify products and suppliers - Purchasing and Procurement Manager pays attention to the lists, equipment and services required to identify their types in the market and suppliers.
Evaluation of tenders and auctions to select suppliers - In large companies, at the stage of selecting the main supplier, a tender or auction is identified among all suppliers to select the best one according to the conditions announced by them. Execution and supervision of this process is on the management of the purchasing and logistics manager.
Agreeing on price and agreeing on contracts - Procurement expert must agree with suppliers on the price of contracts with good power.
Ensure timely delivery of purchases to the warehouse by suppliers
Checking Payments and Invoices - Purchasing and Procurement The manager is responsible for overseeing the financial affairs that occur in the purchasing process. For example, by checking the invoices and making sure of the type and quality of the purchased products, they check the amounts of the export checks for the suppliers and their accuracy.

Procurement and provision of services, equipment and machinery to advance the quantitative and qualitative goals of the assigned projects are professionally integrated in the business and procurement unit. The nature of interdisciplinary fields in this field, the need to contact and interact with other organizational units of the engineering, financial and workshop families.